Why would our customers consider investing in Solar Panel Power?

BC Hydro’s rates are subject to rate changes, most likely not always is your favor. It has increased by approx 18% in 2014.

If you have solar power, these increases may not affect you at all.

You might even earn money by giving power back to the grid.

If you have purchased an electric vehicle, adding solar power to your house is a very smart investment. If you have an $200.00 per month gas bill for you car, you can turn this into $0 per month!

Payback for customers with solar and an EV is approx 5-7 years, depending on EV type and driving habbits.

We install enphase micro inverters and Solar world panels with the best warranty in the business along with our suppliers 25 years!!

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Wekking Electric uses Enphase Micro inverters. These inverters are the best and the safest on the market today. Enphase backs their products with a 25 year warranty.

See Enphase You Tube Video

Wekking Electric installs top quality Solar World Solar Panels

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We have done our homework. Enphase Micro Inverters combined with Solar World Solar Panels make for the best and most durable solution!

Feel free to contact us to see if we can start saving money on power, instead of spending money for it.

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