Surrey’s solar panel red tape

With the push towards green energy, many homeowners are looking at options like solar power to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Many cities are working to make green energy easier for homeowners. But as Ted Chernecki reports, critics say the City of Surrey has made it more difficult and more expensive to go

Research an Electrical Contractor

What are the steps to take to research a Electrical Contractor? 1 Contact the Brithish Columbia Safety Authority.  The BC Safety Authority is the governing body over all licensed electrical contractors in British Columbia.  Check out their link at 2 Make sure your contractor has liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage.  Ask your contractor

Solar Panel installation and service

Why would our customers consider investing in Solar Panel Power? BC Hydro’s rates are subject to rate changes, most likely not always is your favor. It has increased by approx 18% in 2014. If you have solar power, these increases may not affect you at all. You might even earn money by giving power back

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