New Solar/Lithium Projects completed in the last few months

Off Grid Cabin in Chilliwack with Solark 12K hybrid inverter, 5.4 KW of Solar and 6 KW of Pylontech Lithium battery Storage

Saturna Island – Power back up system with solar and Lithium storage.

For this customer, we installed 9 x 340 watt solar array with a Solark 12K inverter and 6 KW of lithium storage.

Working from home and have a lot of power outages? This system will automatically switch to battery power in a blink of an eye and keep your essential loads like fridges, water pumps, internet access, lights and other loads running during a power outage. No noisy generator required!!

The system we installed in Saturna island will keep 2 fridges, Freezer, Internet, 10 Led lights, water pump, and a microwave powered up for up to 48 hours. With solar this can be pro-longed to over a week depending on how much solar the system can harvest. There is an option for a plug in back up generator is the power outage persists over a longer period of time. The customer will only need to run the generator for a few hours to recharge the batteries and have another 48 hours of battery power. Furthermore, this system feeds back to the grid and maintains batteries during normal operation, saving you on your hydro bill.

Ask us about a quote to keep your family self reliant during a power outage.

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