Check Wekking Electric’s ongoing fight against permit issues

Check out this news article regarding the fight against permit red tape issues in BC. We are committed to our fight against the issues that occur when applying for a permit to install your Solar Panels. Our clients could be spared all kinds of bureaucratic headaches if there was a streamlined set of guidelines

Wekking Electric fights against permits delays

When we do a job of installing Solar Panels in your house, we do not only turn up to do the actual installation, but we help cutting through the red tape. We help with the permit application. And this can actually be more troublesome from one city to the next. We reached out to the

Surrey’s solar panel red tape

With the push towards green energy, many homeowners are looking at options like solar power to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Many cities are working to make green energy easier for homeowners. But as Ted Chernecki reports, critics say the City of Surrey has made it more difficult and more expensive to go

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