Solar Grid Tie System Installed In Surrey BC

Solar Grid Tie System Installed in Surrey BC By Wekking Electric

3 KW Solar SystemGoing Solar has many benefits for you.  You will lower your BC Hydro bill and provide your own energy.  Go Green and power your EV with solar energy and no longer have a fuel bill.  Save even  more money by not paying BC Hydro Level 2 charges.

Consider a kitchen Reno to your house.  Once completed, the value keeps dropping and does not pay you dividends.  Solar will keep paying you on free electricity every month and shields you against BC Hydro rate increases.

With our grid tie systems and advanced technology, the only maintenance you have is to keep the panels clean.

Wekking Electric now offers leasing and financing plans on Solar equipment.

Did you know that solar panels, racking and inverters are exempt from PST?  Here is a 7% tax savings!!

Things to consider when deciding on a solar installation.  Do you have a south facing roof and how old is your roof?  For best results, a directly south facing roof will give you the best performance.  Also a new roof will prevent you from removing and replacing solar equipment for a very long time.


Wekking Electric will install 4×4 blocking between your 2×4 trusses to apply equal load to your trusses and prevent structural problems during high snow loads.  We can provide an accurate quote for you as we have the experience ,right here in the lower mainland ,with building and electrical inspection requirements.  Have the job done right the first time and feel confident your installation will last as long as your roof.  Wekking Electric supplies equipment the is backed with a 25 year warranty.  You are fully covered by us.


Pat’s System Highlights

12 – 285W Solar World Panels

12- Enphase m-250 micro inverters

advanced enlighten energy tracking

3 KW/HR Max energy production

Estimated power Generation 3.5MW/HR per year

can drive a Nissan Leaf EV over 28,300 KM per year on the power of the sun


Advanced Energy Tracking

Advanced Energy Tracking

With our advanced software interface, you an track your energy from anywhere in the world and even e-mails you in case of an unlikely event of a module failure.  see more at the Enphase website.

Solar World Panel Closeup


What can we install for you?

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